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How to Enjoy Activity in the Sun
(without suffering for it later)

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Don't be mislead by that healthy looking tan!

A beautiful tan indicates healthy skin, right? WRONG!! Close medical examination is finding that a great looking tan is nothing but evidence that definite damage has been done to the skin. Not quite visible now - except under the microscope - but years from now, with continuing sun exposure, the visible signs of photo-aging always appear: wrinkles, dryness, loss of elasticity, that leathery look.

The reason is that "the skin never forgets." The results of solar radiation, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) are cumulative over a lifetime. That is why we become more sensitive to sun exposure as we get older. Did you know that just one blistering sunburn as a child more than doubles chances for skin cancer later in life?

Only in the last few years have we learned that there is a lot more to sun damage than a painful sunburn. People with more sun exposure look older. They have more wrinkles, dry skin, etc. due to a destruction of the supporting nature of collagen and elastin, damaged vital enzymes, degraded DNA and impaired immune functions - even skin cancer.

Sun induced photo-aging differs from natural (intrinsic) aging: faster rate of degradation of the skin structure, deeper wrinkles, and greater frequency of pre-cancerous cells. Photo-aging is caused by exposure to certain wavelengths of solar radiation - ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) and thermal infrared (IR). Recent research has shown that infrared rays can exacerbate the UV induced photo aging by promoting the same chain of biochemical events, thereby causing increased skin damage. While a dark tan looks healthy, skin cancer caused by sun overexposure is the most common of all cancers.

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Enjoy the sun, but only with UV and IR skin protection.

For all of the above health reasons, Caribia offers sun care products with the best UVB screens to prevent sunburn, the best UVA screens to protect from the deeper, delayed and cumulative damage from sun exposure, plus effective IR filters.

Recently we have completed major improvements and technical upgrades on our sun care products. These exciting new formulas will give you the very latest defense against photo-aging and skin damage: AFR (anti free radical) - a complex of special anti-oxidants capable of inhibiting and neutralizing solar generated powerful, destructive free radicals - oxygen atoms which actually cause all the harm and damage associated with photo-aging.

Such powerful anti-oxidants are the Vitamins A, C, and E, SOD (superoxide dismutase) combined with extracts of gingko biloba, centella asiatica, golden chamomile, green tea, etc. It is true that there are now about 100 new cases of melanoma (skin cancer) and 20 deaths from melanoma daily in the U.S.A. Dermatologists warn specifically about the increasing melanoma risk due to sunburn. Also, they are urging mothers to begin routine use of sunscreens on small children, even on cloudy days.

We at Caribia are committed to offering you our best advice and help with specialized products to still allow you to enjoy a day out in the sun - sailing, golfing, hiking or whatever your favorite activity may be. We have special products for specific activities. Let us describe some for you.

b1.jpg (3056 bytes)Hawaiian Tan Lip & Face Saver 18+ (No. Bl) and TO2 (No. B2) are waterproof, wax-based balms designed to protect lips and face from sunburn, wind and cold. Also, most important for golfers, tennis players, wind surfers, mountain climbers and other explorers, these will not run and sting your eyes with perspiration. These exclusive formulas were tested and selected for use by explorers and mountain climbers. They praise the reliable protection.

For those who still like to get a great, "healthy looking" tan but with much less time sun bathing and less risk of sunburn, we have Tan Accelerator oils and lotions with varying degrees of sunscreen strengths (No. SO & No. SL).

And don't forget your hair!

ac.jpg (5423 bytes)Many of us are unfamiliar with the less serious but annoying damage done to our hair by sun and water exposure: dryness, rough texture, stiffness and brittleness, loss of strength, color and luster. Caribia offers a shampoo (No. AS) and a conditioner (No. AC) which contain sunscreens strong enough to protect your hair from these photochemical changes. Both products are aloe vera based. They are very mild, even with daily use, natural and biodegradable. They are excellent for swimmers, yachtsmen and other watersport enthusiasts.

There are many more specialized products of highest quality to choose from on our on-line order form. Order in full confidence from the web. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed and is most important to us.

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