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Product Testimonials

... Hawaiian Tan has served me well beginning in 1983 when I climbed Mount McKinley (20,340 feet); in 1986 on Mount Communism (24,400 feet). In 1988, Hawaiian Tan traveled with me when I became the first woman to solo the magnetic North Pole. Hawaiian Tan again traveled with me in 1994 when I once more traveled to the Pole, this time with my husband Bill. We became the first married couple to walk to the Pole. Then in 1994 when Bill and I completed the 1994 Arctic to Amazon educational program, Hawaiian Tan traveled with us again as we walked 600 miles across the Canadian Arctic to live with a family of wolves, then a 1,200 mile kayak and trekking expedition in a remote area of the Amazon where we photographed 3 species unknown to science.

Our most recent journey with Hawaiian Tan, was a 1,400 mile expedition through the Sahara desert on foot, which is the first stage of the next educational program called Sahara to Antarctica.

Hawaiian Tan not only saves our skin from sunburn, but also keeps our skins soft and moisturized. We use Hawaiian Tan for sunburn protection and also depend on Hawaiian Tan for complete skin care when we travel.

Hawaiian Tan products, especially the Hawaiian Tan Lip and Face Saver, will travel with us on all our future expeditions.


Helen Thayer


...Once upon a cruise, I purchased a bottle of Aloe Aid for sunburn. It is the greatest such product that I have ever used.

However, I cannot find it locally. Nor was I successful in finding any on a recent trip to St. Thomas. The bottle I have indicates an outlet for your company in St. Thomas as well as Los Angeles.

The above address is all I could find when I checked the Los Angeles telephone book, so trust this will reach you.

I am interested in obtaining more of your product. Since I escort a number of tours to the "lands of the sun," would it be possible to become a dealer for your product so that it would be available to my clients? Do you have any sample bottles which I could buy for distribution to my clients?

I shall look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. I am leaving for the Caribbean with a cruise up the Orinoco River on the 27th of this month and would like to have some of your product for that tour. We all had rather severe sunburns on that tour when we made it recently.

Thank you in advance.

Sue Smith

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Reps and Distributors wanted nationally and internationally

Hawaiian Tan
Caribia, Inc. Cosmetic Research Labs
Phone: (714) 799-5603
Fax: (714) 799-7312
8200 Katella Ave., Suite G
Stanton, CA 90680-3268, USA
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