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A Brief History of Hawaiian Tan
Sun Care Products by Caribia, Inc.

hawaii2.jpg (42264 bytes)Hawaiian Tan goes back to 1964 with the founding of Liana of Waikiki by Dr. Horst Baumgartner in Honolulu, Hawaii. As a chemist, Dr. Baumgartner was not satisfied with the suntan lotions then on the market, and he formulated Hawaiian Tan, the first family of multi-functional sun care products. Hawaiian Tan was introduced in the Hawaiian Pavillion at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. Soon Hawaiian Tan became increasingly popular with tourists in Hawaii, and this popularity spread to the U.S. mainland. "Hawaiian Tan" was registered as a trademark in 1967.

Following its start in Hawaii, the company was moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Hawaiian Tan became popular with tourists to the Caribbean. The original product line was augmented to include coconut-based Coco Sol tan accelerator oil and lotion, Coco Baby Oil, Coco Lotion hand and body moisturizers, and other after-sun skin care products.

In 1978, the company was moved to Torrance in Southern Californa, and was incorporated as Caribia, Inc. In the same location for twenty years, Caribia expanded its product line to include Aloe Aid and other personal care products utilizing the unequaled healing power the aloe vera plant. Through its Cosmetic Research Laboratories operation, Caribia also became a private label formulator and manufacturer for many name-brand resellers of cosmetic and personal care products.

In 1999, under new ownership of Harry McLachlan, Caribia moved to a new, larger, and more modern facility in Stanton, again in Southern California.

Since its introduction in 1964, Hawaiian Tan has been improved numerous times, and Carabia has developed a base of loyal repeat customers, who continue to purchase through mail order and specialty stores in hotels, cruise ships, beauty salons, tanning salons, ski resorts and golf courses -- and now over the Internet. This is because Hawaiian Tan is much more than a suntan lotion. It is a high-end, multi-functional family of skin care products which not only filter out harmful UV radiation from the sun with sunscreens and sunblocks, but also provide natural skin moisturizers, anti-oxidants and vitamins which mitigate the harmful free radicals caused by UV radiation. Hawaian Tan not only protects the skin, but leaves it soft, supple and healthy. It utilizes a higher percentage of natural ingredients than any of its competitors.

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The Hawaiian Tan line now provides a choice of nine (9) different formulations with an SPF rating up to 40+ for Ultra Sun Block. Now that the skin aging and cancer causing dangers of full-spectrum UV radiation are better understood, Caribia only recommends an SPF rating of 10 or more for extended sun exposure, especially for people with a fair complexion. Please do learn more about SPF ratings and the need for continual UVA and UVB protection, especially for children.

Caribia's line of Coco oils and lotions and Aloe Aid gels are the perfect products for after-sun skin and hair care.

All of Caribia's Hawaiian Tan and other personal care products represent exceptional values, and are now available for sale on the Internet. Be sure to visit our virtual store, which accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard.

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