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Welcome to Hawaiian Tan
Sun Care Products by Caribia, Inc.

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ta.jpg (5874 bytes)Caribia's Hawaiian Tan is more than America's premier line of sunscreens. For over thirty years, it has been a multi-functional sun care system with natural moisturizers, vitamins and antioxidants to keep skin soft, supple, healthy and beautiful. Available with SPF (sun protection factor) ratings up to 40+, Hawaiian Tan helps prevent sunburn and windburn, even at high altitudes. Regular use may prevent skin cancer and premature skin aging due to excess sun exposure. No other line of sun care products is based on as many rich, natural, organic ingredients. Even the fragrance of Hawaiian Tan speaks of quality.

c8.jpg (5107 bytes)Caribia's Coco Sol oil and lotion are ideal after-sun products, which provide an accelerated, deeper and longer lasting natural tan through increased formulation of melanin (protective tan) in the skin, without coloring or artificaial tanning ingredients. Coco Baby OilTM and Coco LotionTM enhance skin moisture retention and provide protection from the drying effects of weather, wind and sea for persons of all ages. Coco Baby Oil is perfect for dark skin, since it prevents chalking of the epidermis.

a8.jpg (6361 bytes)Caribia's Aloe Aid , Aloe Aid Gel, and Aloe Aid hair conditioners utilize the unmatched healing properties of the Aloe Vera plant for relief of sunburn, skin irritations, and hair damage due to excess sun exposure. The aloe vera plant has been known for centuries as nature's own "first aid plant."

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Available for Sale over the Internet
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Hawaiian Tan, Coco Sol and Aloe Aid are not available for sale by mass merchandisers, but are available for mail order purchase. Click on the red button or credit card symbols above for detailed product information and access to our electronic shopping cart.

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